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  Welcome to Late Annasaheb R.D. Deore Arts & Science College, Mhasadi, Tal. Sakri Dist. Dhule
  Welcome to Late Annasaheb R.D. Deore Arts & Science College



"To Provide higher education stream to the first generation up to the grass root society of rural and hilly area developing human values and pursuit responsible,secular,democratic,citizen of healthy minds/nature."




1)   To bring maximum students in the main stream of higher education through innovative ideas with global vision.
2)  All round personality development of the students by arts,science,social science,social sciences and technology.
3)  To make quality affordable and accessible higher education to student in the rural and hilly area.




1)  Provide value and need based education.
2)  To encourage skills among students to enable them to face the changing educational atmosphere.
3)Gurantee of equal educational apportunity without any discrimination to race,religion,caste,gender,sect,colour and disability.
4)To creat condition in which staff and student can achieve their full potential.
5)  To stimulate the sense of environment among the students and society.
6)To eradicate the inferior complex in the mind of rural and hilly area students by imparting them higher education.


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